Farid Matuk

My Daughter Carrier Up

My Daughter Unbound To the Tak of What's Missing

My Daughter Carrier Up

you are somebody else
who didnít know me ever
pretend that but I was going
to be here next to you and the horse
walked between us really
slow but really and then a fire came
and didnít hurt anybody
but only the horse forgot about it
then Iíll tell you what the radio said
the shadow was a plane, pretend that
when you take your face out of the water
but then you have to take the water out of the bowl
like that dream I only ever had two dreams
but then I was at Pump-It-Up with all my friends

My Daughter Unbound To the Task of What's Missing

War just enough in as much as a feast
photographed hangs framed in time in a house
pellets of salt to soften its water
palms in their stands siphon its water runs
along the airís fibers in prisms a lamp
A-10s circle giving their ground support
letís donít lose mothers running in superfluity
whose clean teeth ring crystal teal and white who
go afeared of time in writerly ways
the sky behaves itself over bamboo
grows wild or bedded with river stones hauled
come to rest their smoothing ends but not the
infinitive labor of a daughter
run away with water being one of her rhymes