Shann Ray

Montana Lake Sequence

Montana Lake Sequence

1/ East Rosebud Lake

Iíve always loved the slant of her
hips in darkness
or any kind of light,
morning or evening, dawn, midday, dusk,
in light of the fox, the mountain thrushó
in light of all the waxwing daytime midnight fun,
in light of her happiness, in light of the sun.  

2/ Emerald Lake

With you and me, a certain
subtle but important touching atones
for our frailty
and the unbidden acts of cruelty
we find so difficult to overcome.
Kindness and water, a kiss and laughter,
     the light above your hips and what comes after.

3/ Lake At The Falls

I have my own burdens, I tried
to tell you. 
But your burdens,
you said,
burden me
and make me dead.

How can I hear?
God heal my eyes
of other women
and familiar lies

     the bane of men
     the bosom sigh

the mist and rock
the heavenly eye.

4/ Mystic Lake

She did look, she said,
closely at another,
a kind of friend
and would be lover,
and after the sun
went down
I said, with her
shoulders aslant, her arms about her,
I canít blame you,
Iím no prize.

My shadow
in her dustflower eyes  
     is what makes us weep
     falling into each other before we sleep.