Tis better to have loved and lost your keys than to never have loved at all
                        Tis better to have loved and not lost at all
                        Tis better to have loved and lost your mind than to lose your mind under ordinary circumstances
                        Tis better to be blind than to be the blind leading the blind
                        Tis wiser to suffer slings than to take an arrow to the head
                        Tis better to be rich and healthy than to be sick and poor
                        Tis better to have loved and lost once than to have it happen twice
                        Tis better to know one’s enemies than not
                        One should keep his enemies so close to him he forgets what they are
                        One should count as many chickens as he likes and eat his rooster, by all means
                        One should count one’s eggs before deciding how many to give to the neighbors
                        Tis better to fry an egg on the hot hood of a car than in the kitchen of a husband
                        Tis better to freeze one’s eggs than to break an omelet waiting around for nothing
                        You can’t wait around for nothing without breaking a few eggs
                        Good things come to those who wait to freeze their eggs
                        Good deeds go unnoticed
                        Good deeds pave the road to hell
                        The wrath of woman is given by the legless snake
                        The last man is missing a rib
                        Great minds think alike
                        Like father like son, except the one son
                        One son falls far from the tree but the other sons trust him better
                        Tis better to trust the gut than to mind the dumb cooing of the heart
                        Tis better to let the heart wander than to wonder from afar
                        I love it when the heart grows fonder
                        A heart unexamined is worth bleeding
                        Tis better to know one’s heart is deaf to analogy
                        It isn’t like anything
                        One oughtn’t make comparisons
                        Apples are like oranges in that they are both fruits, however oranges have sections whereas apples do not have any sections
                        Apples have a small tidbit of real poison in each seed 
                        Whereas oranges have sour threads of string
                        Comparing these is easy
                        One ought not compare them, due to the ease
                        Please do not fix anything until it is completely broken
                        Please call me when you read this
                        Do not feed the animals, put the food calmly on the lawns before them
                        Please call me to say hi
                        Just call to say I love you
                        A woman gives her heart only once
                        A woman I know gave her heart three times though
                        I know a woman who gave her heart over and over
                        A heart has four chambers, whereas I do not know how many sections has a tangelo
                        A heart is a metaphor for the core of whatever
                        Chamber comes from a French room
                        Is there room for two? There is not room for two, the heart gets given once I said
                        Once I said something like that, only to everyone 
                        Once I said that it ceased to be real
                        It was like the present, never experienced in the moment
                        Experience cannot teach you everything
                        Time is the teacher who kills his students
                        Who is the best teacher? Time is
                        Who taught you everything you know
                        Who said anything about he who has a heavy heart must lug it around with him
                        Who has the blackest lung
                        What pink lung is not a naïve and ridiculous lung
                        Is a lamb a wolf in a sheepskin?
                        What is sheep’s milk’s lactose content, roughly?
                        Why would a sheep’s milk cheese age
                        Why must bacteria become better with age and still not die
                        Is age nothing but a number?
                        Age is a fanciful, well-timed song, yes
                        Must a lone wolf always limp
                        Is a lonely person so easily radicalized?
                        How extreme can a lost soul become
                        What about a lonely person with a dead heart
                        What about a sick-hearted fool
                        What about the people who haven’t a spirit
                        Low and sick spirits have destroyed some people I know
                        What about the young hearts that pump the veins of the very old?
                        And when they waltz and the blood is shaking?
                        What of the shaking blood of the youth when they can’t quite kiss
                        How is this to do with the deep fright of stages
                        What of the buckling of the knees atop a cliff
                        What of the Empire State Building’s observation area’s romances
                        What of the thin blood of the drunk
                        What of the furious rushing of the drunk woman’s thin blood
                        What of the thin blood carrying itself around in the body of the wailing and bereft
                        What of the synchronized heartbeat of the babe on the breast
                        From atop the Empire State Building what’s visible suggests life but it’s not exactly life
                        What’s visible from cliffs is hardly alive but some indication of action
                        From atop some down I saw a channel but no action
                        I did not see a single fish
                        Is the sole fish as lonely as the lone wolf?
                        Where and when is a sole alone?
                        Is a single Dover sole the saddest sole in the school?
                        What if two single soles meet on the floor
                        Sole is an example of a fish named for its tongue
                        A fish cannot see you from the sea nor can it see the water
                        What water? says the fish to fish
                        A fish out of water feels lonely and heartbroken
                        Fish have eyes all over their bodies
                        There is more than just one fish in the sea
                        Fish are all over the place, and not a sip to drink
                        Fish like to stick together
                        One should throw back all of the fish one grabs onto
                        One should not give a man a fish every single day of his life
                        One’s meant to teach a skill to feed him
                        One should not give a single man a fish every day of his life
                        I once taught a man to fish
                        But what he wanted was the actual fish
                        A fresh fish, each day, in the flesh – 
                        I gave him them, and when I stopped
                        He ate just fine from the land