Only Fragile Left Alive

                        The sallow sheep. Men covered in bristle. Men shaved of it,
                        against recent habits. All from the northern counties.
                        Some from the southern.
None of the forgetful. Maybe some of the inquisitive (I doubt) No birds shitting lime. Surely, not women that sailed under different colors, so far.

Magic or Medicine

                        Four people meet in the Schindler’s
The Officer speaks of machines. Last night, he watched a film with his wife, and knows how to touch her. The Counsel wants to recall
the problem he already faced. No names. From despair, he’s saved by a message: sea bass for dinner.
Barbara must check if children had the vaccination – on time? What if out of it? It’s such a risk to grow up with someone
who thinks she is a red balloon. (In thoughts, I flow to you, it’s needless and obsolete)

A Lone Thumb Our Caliban Was

                        Two women at the table: a blonde in pearls and a brunette, in fact a black one,
                        unadorned. If you don’t get inspired
                        by people you dine with, don’t follow my advice.
The blonde was hanging lanterns in the garden before. The brunette, in fact the black one, watched them. In our part of the globe, fortunately, we fear the pioneers.

The Cloud

                        One of the punishments recommended on four-year-olds 
                        is the Cloud. You go into it.
                        Sit cross-legged. 
You weep or, quite contrary, temper yourself, with all these witnesses. Never for what’s physiological. Usually for lies.
Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder encouraged Germans to pee sitting. They were helped by misses.
Two million automatic reproaches. For them – to kindly consider – all the opportunities – they were surrounded by.
The Germans sat on the cold porcelain and recalled their sins against women. (They weren’t kindly asked for this) The clouds swelled outside the windows, and ran, ran away.