Nothing Moves Without Sign

                        Nothing moves without sign
                        Nothing moves without me
                        When filled I point the way 
                        When empty nothing moves me 

                        I have two skins, one within
                        Nothing moves without my cha-cha gloves
                        my winter badger’s rabbit stole 
                        I was once flesh and blood
                        Now I'm skin and bone 

                        This is for teachers
                        for trees, for rabbit stoles 
                        Nothing moves like a Mustang Sign
                        Nothing moves without money
                        Nothing happens until something moves
                        Nothing happens until one thing moves

                        Nothing moves without moving
                        without an old and well-articulated theory of moving
                        And you can be sure that soon you will have outgrown 
                        this place you're in, and nothing looks less like nights without friends 
                        than a strong and basic 
                        dividend of skin

                        Nothing moves without sign and that's why we watch
                        a tree, a rabbit stole, and so 
                        nothing moves without our "Nothing Moves Without You" 
                        ceremony, where we are finally our own 
                        powerful and unique 

                        Nothing moves faster than the speed of light 
                        — False. Nothing moves faster
                        than a girl untagging herself from a photo 
                        that she thinks makes her look fat 
                        Send a sign that you are an extrovert to
                        23 witnesses, even though No One said hi
                        Not even a tree, not one rabbit stole
                        This is the way
                        This is the absent aim 						
                        When you are empty nothing moves
                        When you have two skins and one is within 
                        nothing moves and so you tell it to You
                        with indirect tension
                        When you are filled you point the way to where You is 
                        when you are empty

                        Nothing moves and you have two skins? 
                        Are you a windsock?  
                        When I am filled I point the way when I'm empty 
                        nothing moves 

                        It's hard to place exactly what, but 
                        “You” is missing something
                        Maybe a very brief cameo in
                        "Entropy: No Meaning Is Also an Answer"
                        is the answer? 
                        It is neither the log nor the river that moves
                        The moving is You thinking
                        for without the thought of You nothing moves
                        Nothing moves until You moves it to the place where You
                        is the ancient brazen history of moving

                        Only the money is moving — it is leaving 
                        So stop smiling, be still, don't let nothing move 
                        without You moving it first
                        through the world, where things are happening to You and by You 
                        and there is nothing to do, nothing to say, no strategy to try 
                        only the same signs, the same people apply and they’ll be here again 
                        next time

                        because You is a disturbing and challenging accomplishment and what's so great about
                        You is that 
                        You cannot be created from nothing or reduced to nothing
                        Take a log from a moving river
                        apply it burning from the fireplace to our current lives and
                        NO CHANGE will occur unless You itself moves it
                        An applied constraint is not always You’s friend

                        There are clues all over life, signs that point, and only
                        a You of nothing can move itself

                        When you are filled, You points the way
                        and thus you are only a bulk beneath feldspar fields
                        not even a tree								
                        What am you? 
                        You am lost — the lost city of Ubar
                        Atlantis of the Sands

                        There is no You going, only You moving 
                        and there’s no No moving either
                        No just is 
                        No is forever
                        No pain, No signs of time, and so those without ideas of No
                        incur the unhappy penalties reserved for those upon whom nothing moves
                        They are bobbing up near the sea kelp 
                        sometimes upside down or sideways
                        near the holdfast at the base of the tree
                        by the rabbit stole
                        Three silhouettes on the horizon
                        moving slowly and meticulously upwind
                        Their gas-filled sacs are called “swims”

                        If there are No movers, then nothing can be said to move, yet things do move and so
                        therefore No cannot be an infinite series of moves as that entails 
                        No movement 
                        Except a weasel with a people coat
                        and a marten with a rabbit stole
                        who move from source to receiver in wave motion
                        through the remote northern forests of Vermont
                        looking as if they are holding their breath 
                        One takes to the hills, bewildered, while the other
                        stands sentinel for its colony
                        barely breathing

                        Does the medium with which a weasel travels move with the weasel? 
                        What if the source is not moving towards, but away? 
                        Yes your retarded ass Signed Up for the
                        “No Meaning Is Also An Answer” seminar
                        In the on-going cycle of life and death, the marten will eat its fill, then store
                        the rabbit stole for Future Us
                        A badger is No Body’s fool
                        but the swift red squirrel will have to run for its life
                        for its rabbit stole
                        View the artwork of a weasel?
                        A weasel who moves without sign
                        whacking a captured abalone against a stone? 			
                        No weasel moves without sign
                        in the company of an otter with a teddy-bear face and imploring hands
                        No otter moves without sign
                        Without forepaws that lift and carry human rivals
                        And no humans move without flesh and bone
                        without a winter badger’s rabbit stole

                        No humans move without You

                        Nothing moves without sign
                        Nothing moves without You
                        You has two skins, one within
                        cha cha gloves
                        and a winter badger’s rabbit stole 
                        You was once flesh and blood
                        now You is skin and bone 
                        Please return me to You 
                        to a winter badger’s flesh and bone