Tim Atkins 'party girl'

PARTY GIRL / Chapter 7

                    Her golden behind reached the yes.
It was tiny, with a lighted mirror thrown over her box.
Hi Cindy said.
Vicki flashed.
Cindy shrugged.
Vicki laughed.
Cindy grinned.
Vicki opened and pulled back.
Raised to 200, she put down looking at thinking.
She came late and more often than not morning.
Her things lived in a recurring point of her spectre, who had taken
and given her open box that lay on the bed, softly thrust from her
and turned on, she said, viciously.
Without words, books had no background for these things.
Many of them told him they feel good.
Then you understand them.
Prints seemed to grasp understanding endlessly.
He told her I don’t want it to touch you.
Then she was able to read about his finger in the papers.
Rico Angelo paced his chewing on an un-lighted lounging.
For maximum effect tonight was going to be quite a surprise
His perspiring face invited everybody not Farrell to the shindig.
Farrell, busily cooling in the library, straightened to flash.
A small burning thought almost limped towards Chopin,
forthrightly on the straightened.
He disappeared with him.
Their lips to you did it.
Quietly behind him, Farrell pulled Vicki to the package.
All I thought gave him diamonds.
The back of her eyes were not cold.
On her breast, when he finished with her cheek, his hands moved
caressingly over her smooth shoulders, down to her telephone,
broken snatched.
Vicki felt herself.
Farrell started to shake her briefly on the lips, she was thinking.
That whole part was frightened.
Tenements, junkyards, warehouses and freight sidings leaned
forward to a jolting.
Wait here, he told the sound of a freight train.
A figure moved out of the shadows by accident. The creeps
opened into a large, grimy-walled private motley.
Hoodlum atmosphere had been arranged to form the
Pennsylvania Railroad. Overhead hung a hand-painted Frankie
The table belonged to banging.
The sounds of their almost.
Obliterated by the rumbling.
On the elevated tracks outside the rear, hoodlums burst back to
tilted, about a foot long before resuming.
Rico’s eyes assembled a suddenly.
Big collections set up another organization to take over.
The room was dead Frankie.