Scott Abels



He is good,
but he is a product of the world.
In Rambo 7,
the man he said had no shadow.
That isn’t a tombstone
anymore.  It’s his mailbox.
Rambo in vegan sandals.
He is urinating.
Rambo, dancing.
We never see him sleeping.
Rambo, checking his email.
Crabby from all the MSG.
Pan to:
Rambo’s matching panties.
Pan to:
Never anything is his Inbox.
He is counting
pigs tied to sticks.
He is teaching English.
Victory is its own reward.
Rambo making up words
like Fambo and Idiotard.
Rambo, lost without his dental floss.
He is searching for his shirt.
Releasing the grip from his neck:
I      am      not      my      conflict.
At the key party,
everybody put their keys in a fishbowl.
Pan to:
           Rambo at the key party,
           hiding behind his i-pod.
The mystery and the whatnot.
No one goes home alone.
Rambo’s boss is explaining that English
as a second language
is essentially the same
as special education.
Rambo is drawing diagrams
of sex moves with his knife in the sand.
The subtitle reads thank you
in the movie when she moans.
Rambo’s knife stalls.
What is the name of the phobia of defenselessness?
That was either a key
or a branch on the tile on the roof,
and a chicken
claws through dry leaves, waiting
since the 1970’s to kiss his lips.


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