i will pretend rape you if you want me to

by Kendra Grant Malone


i know what its like

to have that desire

along with the shame of it

and the healthy understanding

that it is scary and bad

but more than anything i know

the desire

and what its like to

be judged for it

to feel rather freakish

if you want

i can pretend rape you

i would like to

we can use a safe word

so that

you feel okay

and comforted

i will tie you up

and slap your face and

say 'is this okay?'

you will nod solemnly

so i will keep slapping

i will mimic rape

in all its attributes

and after if

you need to cry

thats fine

i will rub your back

because this is

not wrong

this is not bad

we can listen to belle & sebastian

we can listen to the song

'mary jo'

and relate to it for a moment

we can feel like this

its fine

we can feel like this

together for just

a bit

then maybe

we can do something

more acceptable

like play skeeball

past simple home